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Coldstore - Pelcold Storage Limited


Pelcold Storage Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pelco NZ Limited. Pelcold Storage consists of:

- 3 blast freezers
- 1200 tonne capacity coldstore

The facility is adjacent to the Pelco NZ Limited product processing factory.

Primarily, Pelcold stores and administers load out product from Pelco NZ. However, we are NZ (MPI) certified to store a various range of frozen goods

If you would a quote on storage rates, email the Coldstore Manager for further details or fill in the Pelcold Enquiry Form details below.

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Pelcold Storage
for cool stores or storage in the Mt Maunganui area.

If you find yourself in need of cool stores or storage, then Pelcold Storage Limited is definitely the right choice.

Call the Coldstore Manager to discuss your requirements or complete the Pelcold Storage Enquiry Form and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

Recently we have implemented XileIT xIMS Inventory System into Pelco NZ Limited. Using the xIMS application we are able to manage our cold storage business, enter sales for our Fish Production Business and Manage all the requirements by the Minitstry of Primary Industries (eCerts).

The eCert Interface allows our staff to see all inbound loads coming to them, and automatically create Good Receipts for these loads, and store all eCert source cert and market information for each item in the load.

When these stock items are ready to be loaded out, xIMS will automatically raises the outbound eCert with in seconds.